Privacy isn't dead, it's just hibernating

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Time for you to give it a wake-up call. Data monopolies have been playing fast and loose with your data, and who has access to it. Regain control of your data in the polypoly Cooperative!

A Swiss Army knife for data, and privacy

Now you can see who has access to your personal information, and how you can keep it private with the polyPod. It works on all of your devices - from laptop, to tablet, to IoT. Control your data, and decide who can see it.

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Don’t tell anyone, but your mouth has been taped shut!

Data can be used to determine your creditworthiness or to check your qualifications, amongst other things. If relevant data is missing, unfavourable outcomes can occur.

Do you really want your creditworthiness to be evaluated on the basis of inaccurate information? Wouldn't you rather be in control of the facts?

Now you can reward the companies that handle your data fairly

It isn't a question of no longer sharing data. But of sharing the right data with the right people:

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Companies that are transparent about what they know of you.

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Companies that will not share your data without your approval.

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Companies that never store your data without your consent.

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Companies that  share the profits they make with you from your data.

You get a piece of the action and change the European data economy

Our core technology is the polyPod and we are expanding its capabilities even further. As a member of the polypoly Cooperative you become part-owner of this tech. You are more than just a user!

You decide who leases your data and profit when someone uses it. Welcome to shareholder status. You have a valuable voice in the cooperative!

For the price of a craft beer you can change the data economy

When you purchase a share in the polypoly Cooperative for just five euros you receive the following benefits:

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5 € – No risk

Cooperatives are legally bound to repay the cost of your share if you leave the cooperative.

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5 € – Plus profits

What happens when a company profits from your data? The polypoly Cooperative ensures that you receive your fair share.

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5 € – Per Share

Profit is based on your shares in the cooperative - the more shares you own, the higher your share of the profits.

Get your shares
Big or small, your voice is heard

Your participation will make a difference! No matter which package you choose - you always have a vote in the cooperative. And your profit increases with the number of shares you hold. 

5 €

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50 €

* * * FOR SUPPORTERS * * *

250 €


500 €

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* * * FOR GIFTGIVERS * * *


* * * FOR COMPANION * * *