Our data – our decision

You have a right to privacy. Especially on the internet!

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It has become impossible to move around on the internet without leaving traces. Buckets of money are being made with our personal data at the expense of our privacy. And what do we get out of it? Not much. Help us change that!

Your digital twin

We’ve traded our data for free services. And we’ve been cloned like sheep.

When you spend a little or a lot of time online, one thing is certain. Your data is mined to produce a digital twin so accurate that it’s frightening. And this creation is completely manipulated by forces beyond your control. We plan to change that!

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Fact. It doesn't work without data

Think of all the services that you enjoy using. Ordering food, calling a ride, streaming movies, or paying with one click. For all of these things data is required. It's not just about the pleasant, but also about the necessary: Fighting a pandemic, or coordinating aid in the event of a disaster.

Collecting and analysing data is not fundamentally evil. The problem is, we don't control it. Monopolies like Facebook, Google or Amazon do. They have built empires based on our data. This not only harms us, it harms all citizens, our economy, and the European states.

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Together, we ensure that you determine who may use your personal data – for what purpose and at what price.

With the polyPod your data stays where it belongs. Under your control!

The polyPod ensures that your data no longer leaves your end devices, whether mobile phone, computer, or web-enabled toaster. With the polyPod, you have a private server that stores your data, and that is always controlled by you.

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Developing the polyPod as a cooperative

We are taking back our data together! Creating the technical foundation for a new and better way of dealing with our data: The polyPod. The polyPod belongs to the members of the Cooperative. We make it available to all citizens, and return to them control of their data.

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Young and impressive!

A well-thought concept earning much attention

It takes more than technology to revolutionise the way that our data is handled. It requires supporters. A movement in which we fight together, with one voice for what is rightfully ours. The right to privacy!


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