The polyVerse

We’re building the European data economy

Illustration with a map of Europe overlaid with an infographic representing our three companies: polypoly Cooperative, polypoly Foundation, polypoly Enterprise

The polyVerse is the organisation that is behind polypoly: Three companies working together to build a decentralised data economy – from Europe, for Europe!

polypoly Cooperative: Represents the interests of all citizens

The core idea of every cooperative is to achieve more together. Together we can reclaim sovereignty over our data!

We are developing the technical basis for a decentralised data economy: The polyPod, which belongs to all members of the Cooperative. The polyPod is available to all citizens enabling them to reclaim their data sovereignty.

The polyPod stores user data on their personal end devices, which it never leaves. Citizens can choose how to make their data available, whether as a donation or for rent.

If money is exchanged the cooperative receives a small percentage which is distributed to all cooperative members.

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polypoly Enterprise: Creates solutions for business

Successful digital business models are based on data. But Europe is losing its data capital to foreign monopolies. European companies are dependent and deprived of access to business models that drive the digital economy.

The solution: A decentralised data economy. polypoly Cooperative provides the technical basis – the polyPod. 

We develop tools and products for a smooth transition to a decentralised data economy. Entrepreneurs will be able to liberate themselves from data monopolies, therefore protecting their existing models, and building digital new ones.

polypoly Foundation understands the needs of public servants

Europe is losing its data capital to foreign monopolies. As a result, European companies are cut off from their customers. Citizens' data privacy is unprotected, and European states are losing taxpayers' money. 

We assist governments to build a decentralised data economy for Europe. The technical infrastructure is provided by a cooperative of European citizens using the polyPod.

The GDPR is baked into its code. The polyPod efficiently protects European citizens and frees European companies from dependence on data monopolies. It then follows that taxes on profits generated from European data capital are returned to Europe.

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A powerful team – a bold vision

polypoly’s team is scattered around the globe and is passionate about developing a new data economy. Our vision makes us idealists. Our expertise makes us successful.

I bring to life our ever-developing design

What happens to our data is currently mostly beyond our control – polypoly is trying to change that, and I’m happy to support the efforts as a communication designer.

I ensure that our technology is cutting-edge

I believe that everyone should be in control of their personal data – it's theirs after all. At the same time, I realise that companies need access to that data in order to innovate. It's a tricky problem to work out, and the status quo is not the best solution. I believe humanity can do much better and I'm proud to be part of a team that is figuring out a better way.

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Ilustration: Circles, X's, triangles

I make our cutting-edge technology

The moment I knew about polypoly mission, I wanted to be a part of it. For a long time, we have seen how companies have used personal data to do business. Now it's the time for users to recover control of it.

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I ensure the business is running

Empower citizens to have total data sovereignity and gain financial value with their data by ending current data monopolies.

polypoly - in the press

A well thought concept that has earned attention

Building an ecosystem for a decentralised data economy is no small feat. It needs supporters from society, business, and governments to create a sustainable solution that benefits everyone. 


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