Behind the scenes – meet polypoly: Maria Teresa Jiménez
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aria Teresa, what is it that you actually do at polypoly?
I am part of the Development Team at polypoly and I help to develop the polyPod. My focus is on the so called front end, meaning the visual part of the polyPod. In a nutshell: I am translating the design for the polyPod into software.

How does a typical day in your job look like?
(Laughs) A lot of coding and programming, as well as regular alignments with my team and meetings with our Design Team. We speak in detail about how the polyPod should look like and what is possible from the programming point of view.

We heard you have a background in marketing and decided to switch your profession to programming, is that true?

(Smiles) Yes, absolutely. I worked in marketing for many years, until I felt the need for a change. I wanted to be able to create something by my own, so I started to take classes in programming. It was really hard, but absolutely worth it. 

Very impressive! So how did you end up with polypoly?
Well, after I changed my profession to being a programmer, I was looking for a job. I wanted to work for a start-up, because I really love the special atmosphere. It did not take long and I was contacted by a recruiter who suggested polypoly. As the privacy topic is very important to me, I agreed to meet with people from polypoly and I felt very comfortable during these meetings. When they finally offered me the job, I accepted.

What do you like most about your job?

Building the polyPod is very exciting. I like solving problems by using creativity AND logic. My team is great, I am so lucky to be able to work with them and learn from them.

Another thing I really like is the transparency at polypoly. Every two weeks we all meet online and the management updates all of us on what is going on at polypoly. I have worked in many different companies and let me tell you, this is very unique. It gives you a feeling of belonging.

What do you see as the biggest challenge for polypoly and for yourself?

Building the polyPod is a very complex matter and thus very challenging. But I love challenges and I am sure we will succeed.

Personally, due to my change of profession, I am new in the tech world. I am learning new things every day and the challenge for me personally will be to continue growing and learning. And you know what: I enjoy it very much!

Programming Code
A React component (a reusable block of code).
Programming Code
DevTools web inspector (a tool for developers to build directly into the browser).