Headline: polyPod and the 5 phases of development
polypoly Cooperative

lmost there! What exactly though you ask yourself – what is this all about? Nothing less than our polyPod. The release date is imminent and there's no need to mention how excited we are.

Our baby will soon see the artificial light of day. A mammoth project in which we are investing all our expertise, our experience, our passion and yes – even our money together with our cooperative members – in order to revolutionise the way we deal with personal data.

We have been working on the development of the polyPod for about 22 months now – from idea, to concrete implementation. Now the time has come and the release of a first version is imminent.

Random Fun Fact:
Did you know that the gestation period of mammoths was likely also 22 months? Not relevant, but interesting isn't it? Okay, back to the polyPod.

The polyPod is just getting started. The mammoth task we have is to conquer the road still ahead of us – and we can only do that together. Together we have developed the polyPod to be able to take on the big data monopolists of this world.

The development of the polyPod is divided into 5 phases. These will eventually form the 5 basic functions that the polyPod will bring to the world:

  • Phase 1: Explore
  • Phase 2: Knowledge
  • Phase 3: Correct
  • Phase 4: Control
  • Phase 5: Rent out 

The release of the first version of our polyPod is only a few days away, just around the corner if you will. We at polypoly are working at full throttle and are very much looking forward to uploading the first version of the polyPod to our end devices soon.

Would you like to learn more about the polyPod? Then visit us on our new website: polypoly.coop