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Achieving together what is impossible alone

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We have decided to share our technology and make cooperative members co-owners. We have no desire to build a new data monopoly. We want to fundamentally change the way we deal with our data. This can only be done together! That is why we formed a cooperative.

One cooperative – Strong together

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

We are slowly becoming aware of how powerful data is. We are also discovering who controls these data sets and how they can be manipulated. If you are also beginning to question if data monopolists should be trusted with such immense power, then you should join us. Nothing will change by wishing it so. Together we can make a positive difference.

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I didn't use to think about my personal data on the internet. Then I found out about polypoly, I got more and more involved with the topic and finally bought shares myself to become part of polypoly's mission. It really is time to act!

Andrea Radlbeck,
Cooperative member
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As shareholder, you have a direct influence on the future handling of our data

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You can give your feedback and ask questions at regular events. Every year you elect the board of directors, and thus the management level of the Cooperative.

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Everything we develop belongs to our members – so also to you. In particular, of course, the polyPod, which we continue to develop with your support.

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As a shareholder, you share in the profits. These are generated, for example, when we issue software licences or when transaction fees are incurred.

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Protected together!

Achieving goals works better together rather than doing it alone. This is the basic idea of a cooperative. Fundamental decisions are made together in the General Assembly of members. As a member, you have one vote, regardless of how many shares you own. This protects the Cooperative from dominance of individual majority owners, and also from "hostile takeovers".

Successful together!

polypoly Cooperative is a European cooperative, more precisely an SCE. This stands for Societas Cooperativa Europaea. Any European citizen over the age of 18 can become a member. The word membership is somewhat misleading. You do not pay a membership fee, you participate in the cooperative. The more shares you own, the higher your share of the profits the Cooperative makes.


The Board of Directors is elected annually by the members. During its term of office, it assumes the operational management of the cooperative and appoints the director.

Join us and secure your right to co-determination

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