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Invest in our data future. For yourself, your children, or as a gift.

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With only 5€ you – along with many other shareholders – are crowdfunding the future of a fair data economy. Your investment also gives you a say in how the polyPod is developed. And with its success you will share in the profits distributed to all shareholders.

A cooperative from Europe – for Europeans

polypoly Cooperative is a cooperative within the European Union. To become a member, one must be at least 18 years old, and a citizen of a country that is a member of the EU. You must also not have a US passport. We need to take this measure to protect the Cooperative from legal action in USA.

In future, more cooperatives are planned outside of the EU. If you are not a European citizen, you can still benefit from our technology. The polyPod will be available worldwide. Legal entities, e.g., companies, are not eligible to become members. Thus the balance between citizens and business is always maintained.

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Big or small, your voice is heard

Ensure better handling of your data! No matter which package you choose, you only have one vote in the Cooperative. But your profit increases with your number of shares. 

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What happens to your investment?

Your investment is primarily used for the further development of the polyPod and the technology behind it. The infrastructure of the cooperative is also partly financed by the members' deposits.

We always try to work as cost-efficiently as possible and deliberately leave part of the deposits untouched. In this way, we create a buffer, because every member can leave at any time. The cooperative pays back the investment made after 2 years at the latest.

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All online – all transparent

The investment costs are high for developing a system to acquire shares. That is why we decided to use a third-party provider. This incurs transaction fees. Normally, these are added to the purchase price. However, it was important to us to separate the 5€ equivalent of a share, and the transfer fees. We want everything to be transparent and easily understood by you.

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