Our polyPod – Protects your privacy

The polyPod ensures that private matters remain private

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You are asked when someone wants to know something about you. This sums up what the polyPod does for you. With polyPod you always control who knows what about you, who is allowed to know what about you, and what no one should know about you.

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The polyPod – An overview

With the polyPod you are always in charge of your data

With the polyPod, you control a private server that stores your data. You can choose to grant access to your polyPod. Friends, companies, whoever you want. Who can access your polyPod, and for how long, is totally up to you.

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With your support, we continue to improve the polyPod

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Phase 1: Explore

Explore your data flows. Discover how companies handle the data, what they collect, and with whom it is shared.

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Phase 2: Knowledge

See precisely what data companies have. See it on your polyPod and start managing your data there.

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Phase 3: Correct 

Correct the data that companies have collected, step by step. Gradually delete the data that is incorrect, or that you do not wish to share.

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Phase 4: Control

Use more and more applications without giving up control over your data and determine who accesses your data at any time.

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Phase 5: Rent out

Start making money with your data if you choose. Lease it to whoever you want, for as long as you want.

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Help us to further develop the polyPod. Become a shareholder and co-owner of the polyPod for as little as €5. 

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Control your data. And customize your polyPod!

The polyPod ensures that your data is no longer sent to central servers for storage and analysis. This is processed on your end devices.

For data analysis, the polyPod accesses the unused computing power of your devices to replicate the functionalities of a server. You now have a private server operating across all of your personal devices, and that you control. Easily download and install it like an app.

With the polyPod you can grant third parties access to personal data, and your computing power. To friends, companies – whoever you want – for a fee, or as a donation. Who may access your polyPod or use your computing power, and for how long, is always up to you.

Additional features can be loaded via the polyPod. These are basic functionalities that interact directly with your personal data. Features ensure that you can manage your data and decide who is allowed to use or evaluate it. 

One such feature is the lifeLogger which can record your motion data if you wish. It is an important basis for using a training app for joggers or a logbook app for business travellers, for example, without losing control of your data.

Gradually we – and other companies – will offer you services that you are accustomed to. This could be, for example, a chat or messenger service, games, an exercise app, or a new social network. In other words, everything that already exists, and that you would like to see in the future.

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The first version of the polyPod is now available

Explore how data streams actually work in polyExplorer, the first of polyPod's many features. What happens to all the data that is collected about us? What does it actually say in the cookie terms, the T&Cs and the privacy policy? We summarize and make transparent what is almost impenetrable.

Are you interested in the technology behind it?

This website is not necessarily the perfect place to explain the technology behind the polyPod in detail. We regularly publish whitepapers on our blog and also offer events especially for those interested in the open-source technology behind the polyPod. Sign up for our newsletter and we'll be happy to invite you and let you know when there's news.

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Together we can change the way our data is handled

With your help, we will continue to develop the polyPod. Secure your shares and become a member of the Cooperative. The more people participate, the faster we can protect what is so precious to us – our privacy.

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