The Cooperative

Even children know what playing fairly means

That’s right. Children. We need a new data economy that is fair for everyone, not just the kids at the top of the pile. Fair means an equitable give-and-take between those who create data, and those who make use of it. We need support from everyone - including the business community - to implement a better way of handling our data.

The polyPod is our main tool. It ensures that you can decide what happens with your data. This technology must not belong to individual persons. That is why we have decided that the members of the cooperative will own the software. As a member, you can help decide how data will be handled in the future, and how the cooperative will grow.

Trust can be a fragile thing, but it is the foundation on which all relationships are built.

Trust is our greatest asset and the greatest measure of our joint success. We fully stand behind our mission, but we can only fulfill it together. Trust will unite us. As a member of the cooperative, you are an important part of this community:

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You are a technology co-owner 

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You have a voice in the cooperative

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You decide what happens to your data

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You share in profits as a shareholder

How does a cooperative work?

The basic idea of every cooperative is to reach goals more efficiently together rather than alone. Fundamental decisions are voted on in the members' general assembly. Here each person has one vote, regardless of how many cooperative shares they own. This protects the cooperative from the dominance of individual majority owners, and thus from "hostile takeovers".

The polypoly Cooperative is a European cooperative, or more precisely an SCE. This stands for Societas Cooperativa Europaea. Any European citizen aged 18 or over can become a member. But the word membership is slightly misleading. You do not pay a membership fee, you participate in the cooperative. The more shares you own, the higher your dividend of profits the cooperative makes. 

Your data, your choice

As a polyPod user you can rent, donate, or simply store your data for yourself. As a member you will share in the profits of the cooperative. These are generated, for example, when we issue software licenses, or when transaction fees are incurred. Just like a credit card provider, the cooperative collects fees from companies that use its services. The difference being that the fees end up in the cooperative's coffers.

The Administrative Board

Our board of directors represents and manages the cooperative according to standard business practice. The cooperative has assembled an experienced team that takes care of our technology, further development, and marketing of the polyPod.

Illustration of Mathias Maierhofer
Mathias Maierhofer

Chairperson of the Administrative Board
Expert in business development

"polypoly - a contagious vision with a strong mission. My many years of experience in the field of business development tell me that we are facing a sustainable approach here that Europe has long sought. I am delighted to be able to actively support this project."

Illustration of Sabine Seymour
Sabine Seymour

Vice-Chairperson of the Administrative Board
Expert in business development

"My vision is a system that enables people to participate in the wealth generated by their data. A cooperative is the perfect economic, social and legal basis to achieve this."

Illustration of Dorett Bothmann
Dorett Bothmann

Member of the Administrative Board
Expert in public relations

"Our data forms the basis of the modern economy. This data can only be traded fairly if it is placed under the control of the citizens. We can only achieve this  with a cooperative."

Illustration of Markus Stegfellner
Markus Stegfellner

Member of the Administrative Board
Expert in cooperatives

"I have seen first-hand how 30 million members have used cooperatives as a tool for change. The way we handle our data must change - with a cooperative, we can achieve this together."

Illustration of Thorsten Dittmar
Thorsten Dittmar

Director of the cooperative
Expert in technology

"Silicon Valley has produced some amazing things. Now it is time for Europe to shine with a new economic system for data. The co-operative ensures that this time everyone can participate."

You can help bring our data back home!

For only 5 € you have a co-operative share with many advantages:

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5 € – Without risk

Cooperatives are legally bound to repay the price of your shares if you leave the cooperative.

Icon: A Bank Note

5 € – Plus profits

A company makes money from your personal data? Then the polypoly Cooperative will ensure that you receive your share of it.

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5 € – Per share

Profit is based on your shares in the cooperative - the more shares you own, the higher your share of the profits.

Secure your share now!

The polyVerse. A big bang for data!

Not only a cooperative, but also a classic enterprise and a foundation. Three entities working on one vision: To create a new data economy, fair and sustainable for all involved! polypoly balances the interests amongst economy, politics, and citizens. Nobody is preferred; nobody is disadvantaged. In this manner we can balance the digital world to benefit everyone. 

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The Cooperative

We offer a solution that informs you who has access to your information. You choose who gets to see it, or not. Delete the data that no one should see. Earn when others make money from your data with the polyPod!

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The Enterprise

We develop solutions for your company so that you can participate in a sustainable data economy and create added value for your customers.

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The Foundation

We create networks and identify global partners to develop and implement policy ideas for regulatory regimes, and better measures for fair data handling.